• We are a precision machining factory founded in Osaka in 1917.
    ​We combine artisanal machining techniques
    with the latest NC lathe machining technology in our work.

The integration of traditional craftsman’s processing technology and leading edge NC processing technology

Over 100 years since its establishment 1917, Nakagawa Precision Machinery Works has been tackling its work while bearing constantly in mind the need to bring the perfectionism of “craftsman’s technology” to bear in its manufacturing activities.

Our Products

Stainless steel (SUS316) lathe-turned products - Retainers
Stainless steel 316 lathe turned product - Ground plate
Stainless steel 304 lathe-turned parts - Thin-walled sleeves - 
Stainless steel (SUS304 - Forging -) lathe-turned products - Cases
Stainless steel 304 lathe-turned parts - High-precision housings
Inconel 600 (Alloy 600) lathe-turned parts - Thin-walled rings

Introduction of our information to customers

Our Facilities

We introduce our machinery and equipment.

Our Products

Here are some of the processing results we have worked on.


Sake cups express the appearance of sake dripping down drop by drop.