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Stainless steel (SUS316) lathe-turned products
- Retainers

This lathe-turned product is a retainer (gas seal) made of SUS316, which was processed by custom-made metal seal parts

This product is made of SUS316, a material that is prone to distortion in lathe processing.

Stainless steel 316 lathe turned product
- Ground plate

Deep grooving of the end face is performed on the inside diameter, and grooving of the O-ring is performed on the outside diameter of the projection.

Since it is difficult to process with commercially available tools, many companies refused to do so, and the customer was troubled and asked us to handle the case.

Stainless steel 304 lathe-turned parts
- Thin-walled sleeves -

This lathe-processed product is an introduction of a thin-walled austenitic stainless steel sleeve that Nakagawa Precision Machinary Works, which operates, has worked on.

The size of this product is φ80 x 300, and in terms of wall thickness, the minimum wall thickness is 2 mm in some places, making it a product prone to distortion.

Stainless steel (SUS304 - Forging -) 
​lathe-turned products - Cases

This lathe-turned product is a stainless steel case processed by

First, please see "A thorough explanation by a lathe processing shop. The Difficulty of Stainless Steel Lathe Machining"! This case is the largest diameter product among our lathe processing results, φ610 x 150 in size, and made of SUS304 forged material.

Stainless steel 304 lathe-turned parts
- High-precision housings

This is a stainless steel sleeve shape product processed by

The size is φ490mm x 170mm. This is a lathe processing product for the plant industry.In this case, the sleeve shape is made by machining from forged material.Since the amount of cutting is very large, the product is slightly less than 500 mm in diameter and more than 150 mm thick, but it is heavy enough to be lifted by hand.

Inconel 600 (Alloy 600) lathe-turned parts
- Thin-walled rings

The product introduced here is a thin-walled ring made of Inconel 600 (Alloy 600).The product size is φ220 x 15, and the minimum wall thickness is 4 mm.

The outer circumference of the ring has 4 islands left on the circumference, and the inner diameter tolerance is about 0.05. The difficult part is the special shape of the ring.